Manufacturer Missions

by George Heaton | March 31, 2016

Manufacturer Missions

In the past couple days myself (George) & James took a trip down to Birmingham, London & then to Leicester to visit our manufacturers pre-aw16 production to set quality control, overlook pre-production, grading & washing. 

These trips are essential to making sure your product turns out as your high standards and as per initial sampling. The whole reason our product is hand-made here in the UK is so we can overlook everything down to the last stitch. With exceptions to footwear and denim, which i'd love to be made here in the UK but the facilities simply don't exist, as well as us having a fantastic factory out in Italy for the footwear & a very close relationship with our Denim factory in Istanbul which are both only a flight away. Details can always be missed wherever made. For example stitch qualities, finishings, as well as fabric deliveries, fabric weights, wash effects, dye colouring etc. Theres so many small details in every single garment & everything takes time. 

Images via @george_represent

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