Malibu - SS16 Drop 2 Location

by George Heaton | March 15, 2016

We recently took a trip to the States, where we shot both AW16 and SS16 over a 3 day period, driving over 600 miles around the west coast, from LA to Utah, to Las Vegas, Back to Malibu with our US campaign team @badboi, @gavinlura & @luiscano. The whole experience was insane, driving through the Utah canyons, with no sleep since we set off from Manchester the AW16 shoot commenced over a 13 hour period down Antelope Canyon and the famous Horse Shoe Bend.

SS16 was launched at The Well store in Downtown LA on 19th Feb where we threw a 'The British are coming' party with performances from Danny Seth & Bradley Soileau. We release the drop 2 of the SS16 campaign on Friday, which mainly consists of the medium weight summer outerwear, featuring bomber jackets, macs and half-zip pullover jackets...

Images via @stefan_represent @james_represent @george_represent



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